Hi all, Going through my possessions recently I discovered my ONI service pins, but I only have the "one ruby", "one diamond", and "three rubies", so a few missing from my 25 years (I obviously did not pass through NOLA at the appropriate time to collect the "two rubies" and "two diamonds"). If anyone happens to have any spares I really would appreciate them as I value those pins very much.


I am still seeking pages 5 thru 14 of the November 1976 Crosstalk so as to update the ONI potted history in the History file.


I realize this Website is not the best layout you will encounter, and I am often advised as much by the many "professionals" who email me offering to revise it. Thing is, they seem to forget to advise me of how much they will charge to do that! And would the finished result be that much better than what we now have? It may be a bit fiddly, but it seems to work for most, so I think we'll stick with what we have and carry on regardless. Especially this late in life.



Site last updated Febuary 2019: 


Please read below to note changes that have been made


You may notice a new Index Logo (different colour to the rest as I could not remember how to change it!) "Reuinions". I have moved all previous data from the Introduction page to here, plus some that had for some reason disappeared. If anyone has a gathering of ex ONI personnel to report, no matter how small, please let me hear about it, with photos, and I will feature it on this page.


I have been trawling back through my emails and come across quite a few that may be of interest, so have added those to the Contacts page, some from way back when.... I still do

 receive the odd e-mail now and again and these really are appreciated. Thanks everyone, especially Bob Coddington, who regularly keeps me - and others -updated as to the

 situation re various personnel, and especially so Julie Asher, who kept us updated on Dan Jeffries. Going by the number of emails re the passing of both Dan, Ian Easterbrook, and Bob Molloy, all three were well remembered, so I have featured a short piece on each. You will find these in Personnel down below the Mugshots, to which there are some recent

 additions. There are also Photo Pages for Martin Newey, and Jack Read - who was never with ONI - but has some photos on his page that may revive a few memories.

The Personnel Page also now includes details of my work record with ONI (& later), plus a list of many of the people I encountered during my time with the company.


I have also created a photofile named "Guess Who" - a suggestion by Vivien Watkins - where you will find a few photos of people and/or places we need help in identifying, please. This file will be found under Photos/Guess Who.


Hans Karlsson has recently had a book published about touring the world on his motorcycle - which he continues to do, even though now in his nineties - titled: Around the World on Two Wheels: An Old Man's Journeys Through 76 Countries, it is available via Amazon, or Kindle, well worth a look I should think.

Hans Karlsson, born in 1925, dreamed of traveling the world ever since he was a little boy growing up in the small town of Brunna, Sweden. But it was only later in life that Hans discovered his most cherished means of travel: motorcycle touring. He was sixty-eight when he took his first long-distance ride. Hes ninety-one now and, in the intervening years, he estimates hes logged more than 600,000 miles. And those miles have taken him from Alaska to Argentina, throughout the Middle East, all over Europe and Japan, into Africa, down under to Australia and New Zealand, and, quite literally, around the world. And hes not slowing down. Next up? Another round trip from New Orleans to the southernmost tip of South America.





(There are changes to other pages too, especially Contacts.

Even though Geoff is no longer involved in his company, the site is still kindly sponsored by

In actual fact, by Geoff himself


This Website came about as the result of an idea mostly put forward by Ron Hewson's wife, Lynne. I believe some global discussion did follow with other ex ONI-ers, then, somehow or other, with a little input from myself, it seems I ended up being tasked with the job of trying to pull something out of the footlockers of memory! Having no experience whatsoever in the intricacies of web design, I jumped in, elicited advice from wherever, and from whoever was willing to give it, the following somewhat amateurish pages being the result of many frustrating hours at the computer. The initial composing of the pages, images, links etc seemed to pose few problems, at first. It was only when I came to try and publish it on the Web that those "few problems" revealed themselves to be many, and sometimes fatal! But, just as back in the ONI days, things gradually came together, and we succeeded. Although I began work on creating the site in September/October 2009, it was the middle of January 2010 before I finally got it up and running online.

My contact e-mail address is:  If you wish to send anything by snail-mail - photos for scanning, or on CD/DVD, copies of Crosstalk, Travellers Cheques, Bearer Bonds etc! please e-mail me, and I will advise you of my postal address immediately!

I look forward to being inundated with all of the above! Many thanks.

I continue to spent many hours "housekeeping" the site, creating new pages and standardizing font sizes, line spacing, etc, learning as I go along. If you find the font size is now too small for elderly eyes, please do not hesitate to let me know, but don't forget, you can usually increase the viewing size by zooming in. The main reason for these changes is to reduce the amount of scrolling. There are additional Personnel photos that I have scanned from Crosstalk, though due to newsprint quality these are not exactly sparkling! Some are better than others.

There are some recent new contacts at the top of the Contacts page.


Ex ONIers still continue to turn up at various times, along with others (ex GSI, Western, Labnav, Coastal Surveys, etc, so you may find new photopages occasionally.


As always, please stay in touch.


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