and their locations

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Station Deira, just a 30ft tower


Easy 100 ft mast, plenty of space

California coast survey station - don't drive down to the supermarket, signal tends to become unstable!

Arctic stn for Beaufort Sea ops

Adelle Island Australia - Spot station

Could be almost anywhere in Africa

Spot trials at Andoya, Norway


One of the very early ones, atop a Bahamas water tower

Off Bahrain 1973. Not too long a job I hope!

That is a Kohler generator!

The means of getting to/from the stations varied considerably

Land Rover or Land Cruiser were handy 

vehicles to have

Helicopter was usually an expensive luxury

though not always as reliable .... a mammy wagon

Alternate transport. Much better than a bumpy road.



Some were easily accessible

Sand & Rocks

Hovercraft at Bird Island


An Italian Ox powered sled

Trucking off in Australia