Bob Davis


December 1978 - June 1986


I worked for Jim McCain, Tom Baine, and Roger McCleod as a technician and then a senior technician during my employment. I was lucky to be trusted with many things, but my main focus there was with the DM54 ARGO systems and with the development and early deployment of SPOT. I helped Larry Barr and Oren Benedic with the early 3000 Navigator development as a tech. Tom taught me a bit about Accufix as well and I used to repair them once in a while. I travelled to Norway twice, and once to Canada, but they mostly kept me around the shop. I had a great time there and have fond memories and a whole lot of gratitude for ONI and the folks that I worked for and with who taught me so much.

3000 Navigator

Early Spot Base Stn

Andoya Spot, Norway

John Matta in the shop

Walter Beinz & Klaus Kielich

Loading box lightning strike, St George Is. Lid was 15ft away!

Early Spot base stn

Sletness Light base stn

Spot display

Klaus on Spot trials, Norway

Norway Spot trials

5728 Jefferson warehouse


Bob & Tom Pecot in workshop

ONI vehicles - Chuck Held at rear

Bob & Klaus in Hammerfest

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