Bob Malloy


1970 - 1990


A youngish Bob

Before joining ONI Bob was an aerial erector

So he came with some experience

Still early days. Could be the Geneva office

That's OK then! Getting into the swing of things

Iran, 1972, en route

Those Iranian mountains 


A little help to get to the top

Now I remember the station; a right bugger

Looks like that Deira place,

 in Dubai

Out of around 70 photos 

Bob loaned me, 18 were 

of camels!

A crew party somewhere. 

Only person I recognize 

other than Bob is Dennis 



Click on photo for enlargement

Looks like it was a 

good party

Hotel is the Grand Tarpon, 

Port Gentil, Gabon. No 

idea who the person is

Fred Brander and crew:

Bob & Tony Hennessy 

are recognizable

Typical West Africa; looks 

like Gabon

They land some big fish 

up in Norway

Somewhere in Norway the

Xmas station supplies arrive

GSI's super offshore base station - it was a failure. They didn't seem to work upside down!

Trying to winch the gear (APN 84) up an Italian hillside when all we managed was to pull 

down the trees! Looks like 

DT is trying to remedy the situation.

GSI Boat Manager, George Sellers, looking worried

Hertz lady or someone's wife? Lots of rings

Click for enlargement

Party Chief Jack Lane's Lotus

Dubai Creek as it was, before the money started to roll in

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