Dave Clayton


Oct 1969 - Dec 1983



100ft mast at sunset, North Sumatra

Where are we, Ray?

GSIs Arctic Explorer in the ice

Alouette approaching, North of Darwin

Bob Molloy & Eric Amohonga in NOLA shop, upgrading JMR receivers

Dave on station, North Sumatra

MV Carino & Arctic Explorer in Greenland

North Sumatra, Go Larmena. Station only required for 6 hours!

Conditions could be tough.

Canadian arctic island

Al Devoe, Dave Clayton, and Mike Mathews, Lake Poncetrain, NOLA

Group of Chinese JMR-4 training. Zhanjiang, South China 1979

Dale Wallace & Gordie Owen, ferry to seismic vessel in HK harbour

Ken Dunwoody (Western), Bill Rouse, Adele Island W Australia

Dhow with shoran, used to set buoy pattern for a rig move

Helicopter shot of the Arctic Explorer in ice - (click to enlarge)

Dave & Gordon Owen in Mobil's Twin Otter, Red Horse.

Are they demanding their rights?

Preparing to set, then remove station at Go Larmena, near Banda Aceh

Molly & Ray Landry with Dave

This is how it's gonna be.

Dave with Tom Bain

Perth Shop - Dave conducting JMR training

Hubert Schmitter in familiar pose.

Western Endeavour WA

Ted Patro calibrating Maxiran North of NOLA

Jim Malum, with Hubert on Western Endeaour

Dave & Jim Thompson (GSI) on board Arctic Explorer 1974

Dave with Police Chief  & family, Medan, Sumatra

Ron Rounds with? Perth Office


Billy? Base Op, Lake Toba, Sumatra, 1972

In the office

Joe Mitchell, Dave Clayton, Fred Haar. Maxiran field tests


Don't bug us with your problems in the field,

we' re busy. Annual crawfish boil in NOLA warehouse


Western Edeavour, Port Hedland WA


5728 Jefferson's backyard

Antenna farm at NOLA

Jim O'Riley, Dave Clayton, Jim Malum

Group in NOLA - click to enlarge

Charlie McCarley, Ted Patro, Pat Mathews, & Howie Adams

Al Popee and ONI gang. Dave Clayton's farewell party at Claudette Roberts' house 1983

Getting in the hours. Helicopter ice patrol from Arctic Explorer 1974

Merv Williams, Dave Clayton, Brian Hardy (Western Geo) WA 1971/2

Look out Marion, she's eyeing you up. Marion Lassiter & Genelle Poppe

ONI gang. Dave's farewell party at Claudette Roberts'

(click to enlarge)


Arctic Explorer Heli deck. Dave Clayton with 2 GSI techs& 2 Heli crew

Dr Ed Christie, ONI technical director

ONI's TDL7000 navigator on Jetranger , Kenny Foret, checking.

Les Schroder, mapping dept manager


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