Don Webb


1965 - 1973

A series of photos taken at a 1974 party, at Smileys, across the road from ONI HQ in NOLA

(Please feel free to advise on those missing names - should be familiar to most in the office.)

Don, Bob Hallenbeck, Mike Jarvis

Don, George Fossier, Bob

Baldwin, Tony Wells

Don Webb, Jack Dyer, ?

Joe Mitchell & Tony Wells, who appears to have lost his book!

Bob Baldwin, Joe Mitchell, ?, ?,

Jack Lane, Gordie Owen?

Judy & Bob Hallenbeck, ?, ??

Mike Jarvis (foreground), Bob Baldwin, ?, Joe Mitchell, ?, Jack Lane, Maybe not Gordie Owen, then?

When John Narramore got blown off a mountain. He was re-supplied and had a Mexican crew build a 3' thick wall around his tents. To this day the Indians refer to this as "El Templo de Narramore".

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