March 1953 - August 1991


This is a rundown of my time with ONI, and subsequent struggle to make a living and finance my hobby, biking:

After near 6 years in the Swedish Navy and 5 in the Merchant Marine I joined Offshore Raydist Inc, an ONI sister company, early March 1953 as a Raydist Mobile Operator. I worked on domestic operations in the Gulf of Mexico until early 1957, when I resigned, purchased a 1956 Ford pickup and drove from New Orleans to San Josť, Costa Rica. After a year there I joined ONI's foreign operations as a Shoran Mobile Operator, first in Venezuela and then in the Persian Gulf. This was followed by Italy, many Central and South American and African countries, Canada, and the Far East. Then came 4 years as an Area Supervisor in Singapore (1971 - 1974). In 1975 I worked in Brazil, before being transferred to the Geneva office to replace Fred Mueller. April 1977 saw me transferred to ONI's head office in Harahan, New Orleans.

After ONI's founder, Robert Suggs, died, and his much younger widow, Carroll Suggs, took over, things went down-hill, so I resigned in August 1991along with Joe DeLerno, who was then Company President. 

Since leaving ONI I have been involved in several businesses, Equipment Leasing, Real Estate, Restaurants, a Volumetric Concrete Delivery Company, and an ATM company. In other words: a Jack of many trades, but Master of none. The Real Estate, Restaurant and ATM are still active. And, of course, I have spent a good part of my "retirement" viewing the world from the saddle of a motorcycle - best estimate 500,000 miles so far.




Bluff Creek (shooting Boat) & 

Oil Creek (recording boat) at 

Port Suez, July 1959

Seismic Ops on the Indus River 

Delta, Pakistan, February 1963

Shoran station at Rishare, Iran, 

August 1958





Photos from Esso rig location, Bass Strait, Australia, 1965. I was here for over a year before going to Costa Rica to assist the high school graduation of my stepdaughter Patricia. Bill Cooper replaced me, and he stayed for a couple of years before going to China (?) to study acupuncture. Besides rig positioning I was in charge of Esso's supply yard and radio communications. I was the only ONI man on the job. Picked up base operators off the street when needed (sounds familiar!). I set the station, lined up the antenna, and asked them to keep the generator running.




Curtis Island, Bass Strait, Australia, July 1965. Site was only accessible

 by helicopter.


Helicopter flew equipment to the top of Curtis Island. Barely enough space to set down, no room to put up a tent until after the chopper left.


Electrotape - electronic measuring device. In use here at Merriman, Victoria, Jan 1965.

Wally Harmon, a temporary ONI hire, operated the Electrotape as required.


Helicopter perched on top of the Shoran site before the camp was set up. The guy's name is Ron, local, temp ONI operator.


Electrotape on Curtis Island. Used  to determine distance 

to a point 73kilometers 

away on the Australian mainland.  Ron again.



Old methods of shooting 

seismic. Waterspout caused 

by a 33.3 lbs Nitromon charge. 

Red Sea, July 1959.

Hans on Shoran station Binak, Iran, Sept 1958

Andy ?, also on Binak. One reads whilst the other tweaks.

Amazon seismic ops.

Cavet Lighthouse Shoran station, Eritrea, Ethiopia June 1966. That looks like 100 ft

Gravity meter and 

operators, Maracaibo, 

Venezuela, May 1958.

Shoran installation on Landing Craft, Red Sea, Ethiopia, 1963.

Shoran on a very small

vessel, Nigeria June 1962

Bogged down. Land Rover

in Eritrea, Dec 1963.

Hans Karlsson & John 

Coffman Rockhampton, 

Qld, Australia, Aug 1965


Click photo for enlargement

Willie Watson & Hans, Rockhampton, Qld, Australia,

Aug 1965

JT? & Nick? up the 

mast of M/V Sea 

Search, Nigeria, 

Aug 1962

Hans, ONI's Geneva office, 1977

Hans Parkhurst, ONI (digging), 

Gipson & Simz, Clients, (watching). 

Sounds about right for some clients.

M/V Bluff Creek, Persian Gulf, 

Feb 1959.

Paddy (Western Gravity meter Op) & Roy Godet (ONI), on the Cedar Creek, San Lorenzo, Venezuela, June 1958.


Phil Murray, Jackson Creek, Persian Gulf, 

Dec 1958

Karl Kovachic & Oscar, Maracaibo 

airport, Venezuela, June 1958. Karl, ONI Technician/Engineer, Yugoslav, designed the Shoran pre-amplifier that was installed on top of the tower, next to the yaggis. He left ONI and moved to California, later 

dying of brain tumor complications. 


Hans on his world travels. Here,

 perhaps awaiting his turn on 

the hubble bubble!

The bike. Quite a cool piece of kit by 

appearances. No doubt about where 

in the world we are today. 

Hans receiving his 25 year pin from 

Bob Suggs & George Rousell Dec 1980

His Honda Interceptor, 1983

Hans on his world travels 

2004/5. An obvious upgrade 

on the bike over the years.

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