Jack Lane


April 1965 - October 1972


I went to work for ONI in April 1965, was hired in Onslow, West Australiia, where I was waiting for a water pump for my Land Rover to be sent up from Perth. While I was waiting, I was helping Dick Coleman and crew set up Shoran base stations on the offshore islands. Went to work full time when the crew moved south. I left ONI in October 1972, and went to work for GSI, running their new Navigation Department.

John Coffman & Ray Landry both thought I was an Aussie for several years...I'm American, and was just travelling around Australia. I was working in Darwin for a few months installing an early warning Radar system prior to driving to Onslow in West Australia, where my Land Rover broke down about 30 miles out of town.

I worked around Australia & Papua New Guinea with both Shoran & Raydist for a couple of years, then it was off to Africa & elsewhere.....



Dick & Liz Morgan of GSI with Bing  Crosby look-alike, Jack Lane

Last meeting, Ray Landry & Jack

A fair old haul - don't know

where, don't know when

Visitors from another crew

aboard the Catamaran in Las

Palmas, with Tina: Al Devoe,

John Watkins, and John

Cummings. Jack was with

his crew in Gabon.

Howie Adams looks bored waiting to start a calibration, probably in Nigeria, 1972

He may have been paid peanuts, but I'd bet he 

was billed as a camp helper, at $2 a day!

A pizzeria in Las Palmas. L-R: Mike Perkins, Peter Studer, Don Watson, ?, Dick & Billie Madison, Jack


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