Jean-Louis Derivaz

1970 - 1976 / 1990 -1991

Jean-Louis, Iran 1973

Jean-Louis with his girlfriend,

Malta 1970, Mafia-looking

gent is Ron Coupe


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Jaques Gruring & Jean-Louis,

living it up

Mohammad Bezmani, Bahrain

Base stations could be extremely lonely places. Pretty dangerous, too! Iran.

Tent was well secured;

needed to be.

Not possible to find anywhere lonelier, you think? 

Then how about this sand bank off Bahrain!

Hope that job didn't last too long.

Fortunately, there were better places. Slightly.

Deira tower, Dubai '71

Congo/Angola border, 1971

Qatar 1972

Re-supply could pose problems Bird Island, Saudi Arabia

Especially if the water was fairly shallow.

But occasionally, other

means became available.

Setting up, too, could pose problems. You'd have expected better in Italy

Larry Slagle somewhere or other.

Mohammed Bezmani & Jean-Louis in Iran

Playing captain: M/V Citta di Livorno, Malta.

Western Geo III in Dubai Creek, 1974

French operator Colona

Jaques Gruring & Colona, Libya

Congolese highway

Jean Claude Hinault, Malta - 

I guess with camp helpers!

Togo, 1973

Somewhere in Gabon. Looks 

peaceful enough!

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