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Western Geophysical Bahrain  '66
(One Eared Elephant Story, BOAC Hotel Bahrain)

View of Western Geo Redcreek shooting boat from recording boat

Sometime back I posted a photo of the Western Geo "Red Creek" shooting boat on the "Western Geophysical Friends" group on FaceBook.  I received the following comments which began the great Jim Denholm "One Eared Elephant" conversation.

Robert Morée I was PM in Bahrain when the Red Creek ran aground and filled up with water because the manhole cover of one of the tanks was not bolted down, resulting in the hold flooding. Tony Bird, made a song:" Hang down your head dear Leo (Dunn), hang down your head and cry, the Red Creek is high and dry!"

Jesse Lerma  Sad.. I was on the recording boat. Don't remember her name. Many stories to tell about the WesternGeo crew while in Bahrain, including when we were all banned from the Bahrain BOAC hotel because of an Aussie shooter that when drunk had to show what a one eared elephant looked like to all in the BOAC bar.

Robert Morée Could have been Terry Sadler!

Bill Hodgson Good old Speedbird - best watering hole! A gun mechanic phoned home from there and it cost him a month's pay.

Chris Terrey  Recording boat was the Jackson Creek, remember Roger Sharpley staggering around on her upper deck when I was on the Red Creek. Got on the radio to Ken Fee - what's wrong with Sharpley? . From Fee - Got a full house. - what's that? I ask. Answer , Clap , Crabs & Piles all at the same time !

Julian Russell It was Jim Denholm who got us banned with one eared elephant trick. Incidentally both Jim and Terry Sadler are both dead.

Jesse Lerma
Were you on either ship when Jim got us thrown out? I remember when we went to sea afterwards, as payback we locked Jim in the head and shoved several aerosol cans of deodorant or maybe it was bug spray down a vent that led to the head. We kept him in there for 15 minutes or so ignoring his cries for mercy. It was cruel but he deserved it. Jim also was very proud that he had once been in some low budget WW2 movie as an extra where he played a German soldier and loved to show a picture of himself in a German uniform.

MC Martello That movie might have starred Robert Mitchum, and that Mitchum was a 1 take actor, leave the bar, cross over to the lot, with one or two 'birds', do it in one take and return to the bar. And as for the 1 eared elephant, he pulled that in Brazil, turned his back while drinking on the balcony of a 'respected' hotel, facing a smoked glass wall, prepared himself, not knowing that the elite of Fortaleza, Brazil, were dining on the other side on saw his pride and joy! mid-70's that! All this I heard from the horse's mouth! rip Jim!

MC Martello Just passed this, by email, to his old mate Derek Hough, who refuses to join FB!

Julian Russell Hi Jesse, I was on the Western Beacon but I knew Jim pretty well. I remember his pride in his acting 'career'. He also had a fiddle going where he would fly to and from the UK for a break using some cheap military concession until he was caught ! When he did the one eared elephant trick, Bud Grant was also visiting the crew from Houston.

Jesse Lerma Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I was not at the BOAC hotel the night that Jim did his act. I only heard about it the next day when we were told our crew was now persona non grata. I was also told that he destroyed the bathroom at the bar that same night, pulling the wash basin from the wall.  Jim was also not the brightest bulb in the box. I had a portable phonograph player in the Shoran shack that I would play jazz records on. You turned it on by first moving the tone arm all the way to the center. When Jim would come by to listen to one of my records, I would appear to flip an imaginary switch on the side of the player while moving the tone arm. After the record finished the player would automatically turn off. Jim would then try to restart the player by looking for that imaginary switch. He never caught on.

Roy Peck Jim Denholm. A big personality. A staunch friend.

Will Rountree I was wit GSI in Saudi then! 1964-1968 working on the first digital crew shooting reflection Recorded on both analog and digital.


Klaus Keilich, Bob Molloy, Mike Bergstrom - Karmoy station, Norway. 

I seem to think I actually took this one, or was there at the time. (True, it appears)

Looks like the middle East to me, maybe 

Iran. A Geoff Metcalfe photo, but Geoff 

can't recall where.


Another station, and that tower 

definitely has a lean on.

View from a station, I imagine, possibly Spain or the Middle East, but where?

Confirmed as Libreville. 

Lighthouse station



Confirmed as Dennis Cooper's Deira station, Dubai. 

Jacques Gruring by the car, about to take over the site


I'd say somewhere in French West Africa. Anyone remember where?

I know the face, and I know the station is in New 

Zealand, but who and where? Ian Cartner thinks he is a 

camp helper; I don't.

I believe this is the same station, maybe a different 

person. Ian Cartner, possibly? 

Apparently not. Ian thinks it might be Jerry Naylor

Almost certainly Australia, but who and where?

Was this a prospective station site off 

Australia? Apparently not! Turning point off 

SW Australia for Sydney-Hobart yacht race 

No ideas at all about this one.

Australia again. 8/10 for the shower. But which station.


You'd really need to be suffering to consider this! Next to the hotel in Dubai - obviously in the days before it became "Millionaire's Row"


That glimpse of a tent looks too flash for ONI, so maybe it was just a beach resort somewhere?

A little nostalgia for field personnel

Remember filing these?


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