Things that don't yet fit anywhere else, because we need answers


Anyone got ideas on any of these? People, location, station names etc?


Klaus Keilich, Bob Molloy, Mike Bergstrom - Karmoy station, Norway. 

I seem to think I actually took this one, or was there at the time. (True, it appears)

Looks like the middle East to me, maybe 

Iran. A Geoff Metcalfe photo, but Geoff 

can't recall where.


Another station, and that tower 

definitely has a lean on.

View from a station, I imagine, possibly Spain or the Middle East, but where?

Confirmed as Libreville. 

Lighthouse station



Confirmed as Dennis Cooper's Deira station, Dubai. 

Jacques Gruring by the car, about to take over the site


I'd say somewhere in French West Africa. Anyone remember where?

I know the face, and I know the station is in New 

Zealand, but who and where? Ian Cartner thinks he is a 

camp helper; I don't.

I believe this is the same station, maybe a different 

person. Ian Cartner, possibly? 

Apparently not. Ian thinks it might be Jerry Naylor

Almost certainly Australia, but who and where?

Was this a prospective station site off 

Australia? Apparently not! Turning point off 

SW Australia for Sydney-Hobart yacht race 

No ideas at all about this one.

Australia again. 8/10 for the shower. But which station.


You'd really need to be suffering to consider this! Next to the hotel in Dubai - obviously in the days before it became "Millionaire's Row"


That glimpse of a tent looks too flash for ONI, so maybe it was just a beach resort somewhere?

A little nostalgia for field personnel

Remember filing these?


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