Peter Warmke


1968 - 1994

Peter & Annie's Singapore wedding. Jan 18th 1979. Intercontinental Hotel, Orchard Road.


Gordon Owen, Peter & Annie, Bridesmaid


Jessie & Trevor Loose

John Coffman


Boon & John Coffman, 

Trevor Loose at Peter

 & Annie's wedding


Dave T, Peter, Mike 

Beech, Napier NZ 2011


Peter & Geoff Metcalfe 2010

Peter & Dave Taylor 2011

Off Taiwan, a China Air 737 crash search.

No Nav or plotting system on this project, just a chart with landmarks. Peter was handed a Ducane receiver in Singapore - never seen one before so he read the notes on the flight up - and was reported in the Taiwan press to be a "crashed aircraft tech expert". The receiver was supposed to detect the pinger of the aircraft's Black Box, but after three fruitless weeks press reports were becoming somewhat derogatory towards him.  Then, after a session with a fortune teller, just days before the batteries were expected to expire on the Black Box - success, and Peter became an instant local hero!


Peter & Annie Feb 2011

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