(March 1964 - 1976)


Some interesting personnel photos from Rich, some of which we need help to add some of the missing names, please.


ONI Offices, Double Bay  & Kingsford, NSW


ONI Office and shop, Kingsford, NSW Australia

Typical Oz Base Stn

Al Popee


   Charlie McCarley

Dave Hackenbruch & wife


Gene Talmadge &  Jim Mahlum 


       Who is with Rich?


Who with "Hefty" Fried?

Ron & Lynne Hewson, Phil Cosgrove, Al Popee, Rich, and partners in NOLA.

John Watkins & ?

Phil, Ian & Mona Easterbrook, Doug Woody

Don Peterson and Pat Carney on a calibration

Jim Crichton

Once again, who?

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