Ron Hewson


1966 - 1978


In the Antarctic

From the abyss - view from the crevasse before being rescued

Angus MacLean, Geoff Metcalfe, Ron, Lynne & Deno, Phil Thompson

Lynne, Peter Warmke, & local

Geoff Metcalfe, Ron & Deno en route to Ciro 72, Italy 1972

Lynne & Gordon Owen

Lou Conner with the Hewsons - note the monkey copying Deno

Ron, out in the field somewhere in Africa


With the family; close inspection of a survey marker on the North Island of NZ


Ron & Cousin Bill with Miss NZ, a friend

Ron & Lynne at home

DT, Lou, Geoff Metcalfe, Lynne & Deno in Gabon

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