Seismic Vessels

(Some of the various boats DT worked on or with, plus others)


52 Photos


Geco Gamma in all her glory. Brilliant, but not the best or most luxurious I worked on


Wayne Walker - I worked with the Linda & Cynthia in 1964

Western Geophysical III Spain 1966


Ex WGeo III, now American Diver


WGIII in yet another guise

GSIs MV Karunda - flat bottom, says it all!

GSI's Baltic Seal - later on, it became the Baltic Sea.

Shoran equipped Marine Service: rig locations off Nigeria

GSI's ill-fated Arctic Explorer. Mobile Operator went down with it

Bill Tide (seismic) & John Diego (sparker) Worst boats & crew I ever worked with; worst location, too: Bonaventura, Columbian Pacific coast.

GSI's RC Dunlap

Western Geo's Western Ocean

GSI Mariner alongside Canmar base

M/V Geofjord

GSI's Lady Vilma

China's Nan Hai 502 not an enjoyable experience

GSI's Arctic Seal off Trinidad

GSI's Arctic Seal

No longer GSI, Arctic Seal today

Geco Delta - Comfortable


Geco Kappa offshore N Z

Geco Tau

Mobil Search in the sunset of its days

Geco Echo. I think those steaks are about ready, chef!

GSI's Eugene McDermott  II

McDermott II Shoran shack

Captain Chris Grubba on

McDermott's bridge

M/V Karen Bravo

Approach to Drillship Discovery

Rio Das Contas

Patrick E Haggerty

GSI's first seis vessel, the Sonic

Who remembers the Seislim

Western Endevour aground off Sulawesi. Well and truly, I'd say! Clean off the barnacles whilst you're down there lads.


Pacific Titan

SSL Petrel alongside

Bar 331 at work off China

Supply vessel, but a nice shot

GSI's W E Johnson

Atlantic Seal. Much like the Arctic Sea

M/v Sprayfish preparing 

to mark a location

Prakla vessel in heavy seas

Pacific Sword

Some of the more modern vessels

Polarcus Alima


Geco Triton

Geco Triton- now a floating hotel

Oceanic Vega


Same vessel different pose

Geco Caribbean

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