May 1964 - March 1990



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1959, with the RAF in Malaya as a helicopter crewman. Great days, despite it being a war zone.

1964. After fifteen months  with ONI in the USA, Africa and Iran, now with my VW Beetle in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Before the Biafran coup, quite a reasonable place to be, after the coup, forget Nigeria altogether; you never knew whose turn it was to be President from one week to the next! Unfortunately, I was to spend another six years or so in the area before making good my escape.

Tony Hogart, Christine, Fred Muller, at Fred's place, Dec 1973

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Dave Moore, myself & Bill 

Justice getting stuck in to 

Fred's Cuban cigars and the 

good champagne


1973. Honeymoon in the Bahamas. With the continual demands made on my time by ONI, the marriage only lasted seven years. Longer than a lot I knew, I might add!

At the Shell Kart Track in Port 

Harcourt. The machine was very 

fast but I could never beat my 

friend John Cates - I weighed in 

at ten stone, John at seven. 

So size does make a difference!

Assessing the wine with Pat Carney in 

our Port Harcourt apartment. Not long after, Pat  was  murdered in his hotel room at the Des Alpes, Geneva. His murderer got three years, I believe, but he seemed to be out in next to no time!


New Zealand in the eighties. 

Still enough hair to experiment with a perm. It seemed to impress the ladies!

June 2003 Boarding Concorde for the 3hr 15min 

flight from New York to London. One of the rare occasions 

over the years when I personally paid for my ticket.


Meeting up with Ted Patro in Perth, Australia, 2004

A bit of personal ONI history. 

The nearly girl. Don't suppose 

it would have worked 

out anyway


But it was good 

while it lasted.

In the Lotus 61 

Formula Ford

At someone else's wedding

Biggles, logging up the 

hours in Mozambique

Temporary base station at Monte Luro, Ravenna, Italy; Shoran IV and ONIX S test, plus a rig location, 1976

Off Tuktoyaktuk, in the Beaufort Sea, NW Canada, making out like I know what I'm about.

Get a haircut!

With Kiwi, Eric Amohanga in Syracuse, Sicily, May 1985. Eric had just replaced Dave Peery, who  suffered a fatal heart attack on arrival here, two days previously. A sad occasion.

Loran C for AGIP, off Libya

Down in the drink! Sept 1967

Engine failure off Fernando Po.

No injuries, and the chopper

remained afloat, but it was two

hours before rescue vessels

arrived. The chief pilot, circling 

overhead, was later to comment 

on the size & number of sharks 

that surrounded us. This incident 

earned me membership of 

the Goldfish Club.


Keeping an eye on the ball

Bad Homburg group: Peter Studer, 

Rich Longton, Ron Hewson, DT

Offloading into the dinghy

Help arrives, plus a watch overhead

Pilot who did all the right things, in the correct sequence

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