February 1969 - 1978

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Looking a bit stunned on an early visit 

to the Middle East, but who didn't?

Geoff's brother, Ian, also worked 

for ONI. 


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In Abu Dhabi the Decca station was 

next door to ONI, so Geoff often 

went over to share a beer, as did 

Royal Navy personnel

Abu Dhabi again, the ONI camp! But we were paid more.

... But it's not all sun in the 

Middle East!

Even in the Arctic the sun does occasionally shine...

.... although not that often!

Water resupply run in a Mini Moke


Haven't a clue, but isn't it a nice shot

And this is not bad, either, although 

that tower appears to have a bit of a 

lean on. Just as well it wasn't a 

hundred footer


No Decca station close by in 

Oman, but there was the 

Trucial Scouts' mess

Getting in some practice in 

case he decides to sign on


Base station in Iran, where 

the sun certainly did shine

With Mac McElroy and guest 

in Darwin, Oz. About to get 

stuck in to the beer, at least

You can't swing the prop on a 

chopper! Flat battery, discovered after

 the pilot shut down the engine - 

well, it was Nigeria

About to board SSL's, Petrel, 

with Harry Frankham. Douala, 


Relaxing on station with a book

Some stations had idyllic views.....

.... better as the sun went down

Read your contract and you'll 

see you're not insured!

Text reads:

Dear Mum, Dad, and Lads, This is where my station is now, just outside of town. (Dakar, one presumes) At the moment I'm in town for a couple of days, because I got some bad insect bites or something. Been to see the doctor, just in case. He gave me some penicillin and ointment. Killed a snake in my tent the other day, it had been living in one of my monitors.

Looks like mid September before I reach Europe. No need to worry. Love Geoff

(Bad insects, and snakes! As if they'd worry!)


With wife, Jan, at the park in 

Bad Homburg during our 

2009 Reunion

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