Das Island. What about global 

warming then?

Geoff Metcalfe's camp helper.

For those who only heard 

the rumors, this is Earl Benson. 

Definitely not the camp helper!

Iran, Aug 1958. This guy carried a Kohler generator weighing 425lbs from a canoe on the river, along a city block, and up to ONI's second storey office in Khorramshahr, a cushion between his back and the box.

Hans Karlsson on Binak station 1958

MV Olga Bravo in the Suez Canal, en route to a seismic job in the Red Sea. Maxiran.

Tel Aviv as seen from Jaffa. A 

seismic job for Israeli NOC with 

the Pacific Horizon. Argo/Miniranger.


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Jericho. We got to see quite a bit 

of the country as we arrived in 

Tel Aviv, in the south, and 

worked out of Haifa, in the north.


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On the drive up we called in for 

lunch on the shores of Galilee

Even had the chance to float around in the Dead Sea, reading Crosstalk.


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Wouldn't have been to Israel 

if we hadn't visited Jerusalem.


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I think this is  base Op John Dion


Ready for a calibration @ Save 

Ziyyon: Walter Bienz, Tony 

Hennessy, John Dion.

Long delays on a Red Sea 

seismic job in Hurgharda, Egypt, 

allowed us to visit other areas 

of this country, too.

5000 year old paintings in tombs 

along the Valley of the Kings.

Alongside in Dubai, preparing 

for a rig location in the Gulf.

Dubai Creek, in the good old 

days; very cheap.

A production complex out in the Gulf.

Offloading Raydist equipment from Iranair DC3, Bushire, Aug 1958

Hans Karlsson, Willie Watson, and Hank Bush raising 100ft mast, Bushire, Iran 1958

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