Ah! Copacabana. Hotels for 

the rich and famous, beaches 

for all walks of life. But keep an 

eye on your gear.


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We got to spend quite a few 

days here, awaiting GSI clearances. 

Word from Dallas was, "No bribes 

to be paid."

Wall to wall girls, and we spent 

two weeks waiting around.

GSI's MV Dunlap alongside 

in Nitteroi, Rio's port area. Just 

waiting around.

But in the hills above Copacabana we find the squalor of the Favelos, and believe me, seen here are homes of the more affluent of the poor people.

A lot of production led to 

long term pipe laying 

operations in the area.

Attaching the stinger, 

down which the pipe runs 

- usually 12-24 inch diameter.

Anchors are rerun continually, 

keeping barge on the move as pipe 

is welded, coated, then laid on

the seabed.

Crew change schedule was 

adhered to.

"Spool piece", made up to connect  

pipeline to production platform. 

Quite a tricky operation.

Preparing to launch ROV. These 

were used in extreme water depths, or to run a survey of the laid pipeline.

Time to go ashore for a break.

To Macae, our base of


Hard to believe maybe, but 

even Rio can wear thin. No shortage of places to go for a break though.

MV Bill Tide, a vessel we used to set the base stations in Honduras, also for seismic work off Columbia, with 18 people on board!

Guanaja, a quiet little fishing 

community offshore Honduras

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DT occupied station West Peak. 

We were working with the 

Kirsten Bravo.



West Peak from up the mast.


Worst boat & crew DT ever worked 

with; probably the worst place, too: 

Bonaventura, Columbian Pacific coast. Boat ran a sparker survey, the Bill Tide - from Honduras - ran seismic! 


Bridge of the Americas, Panama, 

where we went to put the Rowan 

Houston on location for Texaco.

XR Shoran.


We arrived in Panama City and 

stayed here: Joe Mitchell, Paul Vegas, 

Lou Kelly and DT.


Work area was actually on the 

Caribbean side, out of Colon. Not 

quite so smart, but duty free shopping.


This Panamanian Air Force Huey 

was our transportation out and back 

to the rig. I wonder who collected the 

fee for that.


Carry on in the Caribbean

GSI's Arctic Seal entering Port of 

Spain, Trinidad when conducting 

seismic operations in the area.

Doc Bishop & Rex Wollen were PCs. 

Base ops: Mike Perkins (on Tobago), 

John McAloon. Mobile: DT, Marrion 

Lassiter, and later, Greg Bishop.


Alongside the dock in Port of Spain. We 

spent quite a bit of time here, suffering 

problems of one kind or another. 

The client's, not ONI's.

Still alongside, or maybe alongside 

yet again, awaiting a new streamer. 

Yes, the whole 2.4 Kms!

Apparently, a reef was not marked 

on the charts! Not a lot left of the 

tail buoy, either.


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This meant we got to spend more 

time at the Bagshot House Hotel.

Whilst the client awaited a new 

streamer from Dallas.....

Breakfast on the patio was 

something else.

... and then carried out repairs.

Still, there was time for a day out at 

Maracas Bay, where most of the 

crew performed a mass streak along 

the beach. That didn't win any 

popularity contests as far as the 

locals were concerned!


Crew dinners were usually at the 

Chaconia Inn. This lot look happy

 enough. Probably celebrating that 

mass streak!

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Then we abandoned Port of Spain for 

Texaco's San Fernando facility


DT reckons this is the best view 

in the Caribbean; St Georges Harbour, Grenada. Got chance to visit whilst cable repairs were in hand.

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Next it was down to the Caribbean 

waters off Colombia, where we 

caught a glimpse of the QEII


Base of operations in Colombia 

was Cartegena, of Spanish 

Armada and Pirates of the 

Caribbean fame.


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