Pataya Beach, Thailand, near where we conducted

a seabed survey. Or was it a "bottom survey"?

Another of those jobs where we sat around

waiting for it to begin. Mike Perkins was one

of the crew, and I believe he is there still!

A rig location was close to an area where B52s

would jettison their load on returning to base, if

they hadn't already done so. It was an insurance

company requirement.


Typical scene in Sabah, en-route to a base station.

Nan Hai 502. No one on the crew 

spoke English apart from the Political Commissar, which made life rather difficult. Food was poor, too, although they did give us a bottle of beer with our meal

Fine tuning the installation on the Nan Hai 502, Hainan, China, 1979. (Maxiran / Navcomp / 9 Track recorder) A bit of a bodge up, but despite the whole job being a minor disaster, we somehow muddled through.

Kota Kinabalu as seen from on high

Be a bit risky putting a station up here. Mount Kinabalu, Kota Kinabalu

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